The Power of Creative Accountability: Why You Need It in Your Life

The Power of Creative Accountability: Why You Need It in Your Life

     As a creative, it's easy to get lost in our own thoughts and ideas. We can easily lose track of time, get distracted by new projects, or struggle with self-doubt. But what if there was a way to stay accountable to our goals and maintain momentum? That's where Creative Accountability Matters (CAM) comes in. Steven Pressfield said it best, "Our enemy is resistance, our chattering brain producing excuses." And as creatives, we face this enemy every day. We get bogged down with self-doubt, fear of failure, or a lack of motivation. But with the support of an accountability partner or group, we can overcome these hurdles and stay on track.

     At its core, CAM is all about creating a community of creatives who support and challenge each other. It's about finding someone who understands your struggles and can help you stay focused on your goals. Whether it's through regular check-ins, goal setting, or sharing your work, the power of creative accountability is undeniable.

So why is creative accountability so important? Here are a few reasons:

  1. It keeps you on track. When you have someone else to answer to, it's harder to procrastinate or lose focus. Having an accountability partner can help you stay on track with your goals and hold you accountable to your commitments.
  2. It provides motivation. Knowing that someone else is rooting for you can be a powerful motivator. When you feel like giving up, your accountability partner can be there to encourage you and remind you why you started in the first place.
  3. It helps you grow. By sharing your work with others, you can get valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve. Having someone to bounce ideas off of can also lead to new perspectives and fresh ideas.

     At CWSDezign, we believe that Creative Accountability Matters. That's why we offer a program to help connect creatives with accountability partners or groups. Our CAM program includes regular check-ins, goal setting, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. We believe that together, we can overcome resistance and achieve our creative goals.

     If you're ready to take your creativity to the next level, we encourage you to join us in the CAM program. Together, we can overcome resistance and achieve our creative dreams. Visit Creative Accountability Matters 


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