About Us

I am Carol Shannon. I am the Owner and Digital Artist for CWSDezign, LLC. as well as a Minister.

CWSDezign was birthed through my struggle with the debilitating pain and immobility of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was immobile for 3 years. I used art as way to creatively escape and to distract my thoughts about my condition. I used art as a Spiritual Practice as well. Now that I am on way to healing. I have all this artwork and photography as well as new areas of my creation, so I thought I would share with the world with the hopes of encouraging someone else. I was never a creative person throughout my life, so I know this was definitely God at work. 

CWSDezign creates Graphics, Stationery, T-Shirts, Mugs, and Other Unique Things that embrace and promote the Afrocentric culture. We seek to empower, encourage, raise awareness, call for us to live boldly, love ourselves & one another as well as living our own truth.