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The Calla Queen Folded Greeting Card

The Calla Queen Folded Greeting Card

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The Calla Queen: Serenity Amidst Blossoms Greeting Card

Elevate your heartfelt messages with "The Calla Queen" Greeting Card, the embodiment of elegance and poise. In a digital age where connections are fleeting and impersonal, this greeting card breaks through the noise, providing a meaningful and enduring way to communicate your sentiments.

"The Calla Queen" isn't just a card; it's a statement. The card features a majestic portrayal of femininity, graced with an African calla lily and pearls, exuding a sense of strength and grace. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact a traditional, tangible gesture can have in our fast-paced, digital world.

Proudly made in the USA, "The Calla Queen" is sold in sets of 10, 30, and 50, ensuring you're prepared for any occasion that calls for a touch of personal connection. Each set comes with blank white envelopes, perfect for delivering your message in style. Bonus - The Card will make a wonderful gift with a picture frame for frameable card artwork. (5x7 frame or 8x10 w/5x7 mat)

At 7x5 inches, this front and back folded card offers ample space for your personalized messages, while remaining compact enough for intimate keepsakes. Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or just to let someone know they're in your thoughts, "The Calla Queen" Greeting Card turns your words into a treasured memory.

Choose to stand out. Choose to be remembered. Choose "The Calla Queen" Greeting Card when your message truly matters. 

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